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Social Responsibilities

As a state-owned company rooted in Xiamen Special Economic Zone, C&D Corporation has been paying back the society while developing economy and making good profits. It is active in participating in undertakings of public interest, such as education donation, poverty relief, armed force and community construction and marathon race. Our Corporation pays back the society with sincerity and honors its social responsibilities as a corporate citizen.

  • ■     Donated 2 billion Yuan to establish a non-profit Grade III comprehensive hospital having a total building area of 300,000 square meters and 1,380 beds - Xiamen Humanity Hospital

  • ■     The C&D corporation has title-sponsored the 2003-2018 Xiamen International Marathon, with spending totaling 135 million RMB. From 2014 onwards, the Corporation has partnered the Xiamen International Marathon Organizing Committee to proactively promote initiation of the "C&D Green Running on the Go" - summoning "Green running volunteer families" to pick up garages littered on the track during the game, and advocating the concept of environmental protection of "Leave behind you the beautiful scenery, take away your garbage". 
  • ■    Since the year of 2015, owning to the "Million Forest Project" initiated by the China Green Federation, 20 thousand dune-fixing plants are planted each year to help create "Xiamen Marathon Love Forests", and improve the ecological environment in deserts.

  • ■     Totally invested RMB 51.8 million Yuan in C&D Charity Foundation

  • ■     Donated more than RMB 23 million Yuan to the earthquake-stricken areas such as Wenchuan and Qinghai

  • ■     Spent over RMB 10 million Yuan on education and sports

  • ■     Spent millions of RMB on supporting facilities of the army

  • ■     Donated millions of RMB for the poor and the vulnerable group

  • ■     The staff donated over 6.28 million Yuan from 2006 to 2015

  • ■     Organized more than 4,500 employees to take part in unpaid blood donation from 1997 to 2015 with an accumulative amount over 1,240,000 ml


C&D is running towards a better future along with this beautiful city.